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Advanced Manufacturing Job FairAdvanced Manufacturing Job Fair
Advanced Manufacturing Job FairAdvanced Manufacturing Job Fair
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Apprenticeship Signing DayApprenticeship Signing Day
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Henderson County Jobs   Made in Henderson County Apprenticeship Program

Made in Henderson County is a coordinated effort established to enhance the connection between manufacturing businesses and the Henderson County Public School system, while telling the story of manufacturing, the products that are made here and the people who make them. Whether by hand or machine, when products are made in Henderson County, we all benefit from the investment made and the jobs created.

Henderson County’s 140 manufacturers employ over 5,300 people, representing 15% of our workforce, and average wages in excess of $53,000/year. The effort to enhance connectivity between manufacturing businesses and the school system is focused on raising the visibility of manufacturing as a viable career path to ensure that Henderson County students have diverse employment opportunities in the community, and manufacturing businesses have access to skilled, local talent.

Many people assume that all manufacturing employment positions are exclusively production related, but the truth is that there is great diversity in today’s industrial workspace. Logistics, human resources, finance, assembly, and engineering are just a few of the employment and education sectors that you might find in today’s manufacturing environment.

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