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Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to change your path, manufacturing is a vibrant, and innovative field with a variety of in-demand career paths. It’s a safe and stable industry that allows people of all skillsets to take part in producing goods that contribute to our local and global economy. Henderson County is home to more than 130 manufacturing companies, offering endless high-paying career opportunities.
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Made In Henderson County Workforce Development

Made in Henderson County is a coordinated effort established to enhance the connection between manufacturing businesses and the Henderson County Public School system, while telling the story of manufacturing, the products that are made here and the people who make them. Whether by hand or machine, when products are made in Henderson County, we all benefit from the investment made and the jobs created.

Henderson County’s 130 manufacturers employ over 5,700 people, representing 12% of our workforce, and average wages of $61,000/year. The effort to enhance connectivity between manufacturing businesses and the school system is focused on raising the visibility of manufacturing as a viable career path to ensure that Henderson County students have diverse employment opportunities in the community, and manufacturing businesses have access to skilled, local talent.

Many people assume that all manufacturing employment positions are exclusively production related, but the truth is that there is great diversity in today’s industrial workspace. Logistics, human resources, finance, assembly, and engineering are just a few of the employment and education sectors that you might find in today’s manufacturing environment.

Made in Henderson County Apprenticeship Program - Mechatronics

The Made in Henderson County (MIHC) Apprenticeship is a high-quality, industry-driven career pathway offered to recent high school graduates and other residents in and around Henderson County. It is a work-based learning model where employers help develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals obtain on-the-job training, job-related classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential through Blue Ridge Community College.

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Made in Henderson County Tours & Events

The Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development works with partner organizations to offer industry tours of manufacturing plants in our county. Henderson County Public Schools, the Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County, other clubs and organizations have all toured various manufacturers as a way of exposing the future workforce to a viable career option in their community. The Partnership also attends and hosts various workforce-related events each year to represent manufacturing. If you would like to learn more about touring or events or would like for the Made in Henderson County, reach out to Emily Martin, Director of Industry Relations at [email protected]

MIHC Industry Resources

If you are a manufacturer in Henderson County looking for workforce or hiring resources, The Made in Henderson County Employer Toolkit may contain what you need. With unemployment at an all-time low, no manufacturer in Henderson County is sitting on the sidelines waiting for potential employees to come to them. For contacts, retention ideas, recruitment strategies and more, check out the Henderson County Employer Toolkit. Our Relocation Guide is another great resource that employers can use in employee outreach and attraction efforts – a downloadable version is available!

If you are also looking to become more involved in workforce development strategies in our county, The Partnership hosts a Workforce Development Task Force meeting made up of manufacturers and partner organizations various times a year. This group talks through new ideas, areas of need, and solutions for workforce development in Henderson County. Contact Emily Martin, Director of Industry Relations, at [email protected] to learn more!

MIHC Employee Resource

Looking for a job in manufacturing in Henderson County? The Made in Henderson County Job Board contains the most up-to-date job postings for many of the manufacturing companies in our county. Check it out here.

If you are a manufacturing employer who would like your openings listed on the MIHC Job Board, reach out to Emily Martin, Director of Industry Relations, at [email protected]

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